Sunset (Father’s Day on the Hill)

Running, where are you?

Voices, spinning, falling down.

Itching to see him.

A hug, a short walk,

a missed kiss, a silent wish.

Skip to quiet lairs.

Plush couches, soft words.

Cello strings shudder a beat

so close to my heart.

Pin, indigo blue

Portraits of forgotten skies

stowed away treasure.

Smiles fill our faces.

The sun fades into the distance.

My joy is with you.

I’m just  a student,

you’re just my mentor, why are

you so invested?

When did I earn this?

A continent away and

still you think of me.

Am I your new child?

Are you the family I

never got to have?

Don’t leave me, Daddy

Hug me, never let me go

You’re the only Dad

I’ve ever gotten to have.

(help me wash away the mistakes,

all I wanna do is reincarnate)


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