Work (Stay High)

Click, clack, riff raff.

The constant noise that punctuates my work, split numerical figures.

the beeping of computers and hums of subzero refrigerators.


Click, clack, riff raff.

The constant rustle of pages as I read, of the poems and notes I scribe

trying to pass the time somehow while packages arrive.


Click, clack, riff raff.

The squeal of the cart as I push it along, loaded with freight

the same sound as when I tumble down the stairs, tripped by my own gait.


Click clack, riff raff.

For hours, I contain myself in this windowless room,

the door is open, but it still feels like a tomb.


Riff raff, click clack.

This is getting ridiculous; why are the so many folders?

All I can think about is holding you a little bit closer.


Riff raff, click clack.

I can’t do this anymore, this is so tedious.

When was the last time I spoke to someone?This quiet makes me nervous.


Riff raff, click clack.

I can almost hear you, similarly typing away.

Sunshine, why must you command my thoughts with such sway?


Riff rack, click clack.

I can leave for five minutes, just five, can’t I?

I need to talk to you, if I don’t see you soon, I’ll die.


Click clack, riff raff.

Contain yourself. There’s work to be done

can’t waste my time with no overburdened son

Of Adam. Gotta get in the know, 

best find yourself  a work flow. 

Blast music, take rap and opera in equal doses

make mantras and thick worded academia your grandiose diagnoses

Just gotta work, gotta get on the grind

it doesn’t matter if the sad makes you blind.

Just work, just gotta make those fat stacks

Who cares if anyone loves you back?

This is the lifestyle, this is the dream!

This is the American way, and here you’re the queen.

What does it matter if money is just a delusion?

Isn’t happiness itself just one big illusion?


(I’m staying high all the time, just to forget I’ve missed you)












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