Of Quaggas and Thylacines (Adam and Eve)

O! Africa, land blessed with savanna grass

Smooth ivory, rubber production few can surpass.

From ancient times, you’ve been exploited, 

your mines emptied, rubber trees cleared, quaqqas murdered adroit.


O! Africa, land blessed with greatest feats

Of evolutionary marvel, the strongest beasts

Lion and hippos, rinoceri abounded

In the time before Portuguese ships had grounded.


O! Australia, land blessed with red rocked land

That tepid clime of marsupial brand

From ancient times you’ve been a haven

For monotremes and freaks, all things craven.


O! Australia, land blessed like the bourgeois

Blighted thylacines of mighty maw

You’ve been run down by colonization

cane toads and dingoes and collapsing civilization. 


O! ancient world, once blessed with verdant lawns

What must you think of us, monsters you’ve spawned?

We tore open your bowels, skinned you alive

All for the treasures you had buried inside


O! sweet earth, fertile soil

We’re trying to return your spoils

Philanthropists lend a helping hand

Science trying to replicate  DNA strands

stuffing animals into jars

stuffing scientific lingo into legal bars

trying to make a thylacine reappearance

trying to keep the golden frog from disappearance

trying not to realize, to think, and concede to the grief

the loss of all that once roamed the garden with Adam and Eve


(we’re all alone now, hear the bells toll now, there’s no escape now)







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