Crash (The Tumble down the Hill)

I went through the day wishing I could sleep forever

to simply lay down

at the top of the hill

and be buried, entombed in the tundra.

a dramatic rise and fall


its seems I am the queen of winter, throned

only to be defenestrated by the subtle gesticulations of an old matriculate queen

still bristling from the fall.

my red hair was too obnoxious, my demeanor too nauseous, my relations with her corporation of plant lovers too much for me to deserve.


walking along the hill

all the places I once felt safe, at home, at peace

time seems to have reversed itself

this new reality of hissing spats and splattered disses

is cruel future that i wish to miss.


I fall into the snow.

the last seams that held my shoes together have given out

I attempt to rise, thinking of the kind voice that once gave me reason to rise before even the sun

but the vagus nerve that once innervated my sweet heart

has decided it is time to check out.


this snow is so comfortable

the cold of it is refreshing, 

freezing my coal-hot tears in place as they gather at my throat

the ice pokes my skin like a million silicate needles

gentle pricking into me, feeding off my heart.



feast, beloved brethren, dance

Be held in the rigid joints of my arms

Take from me what you need. I am but a fallen flower, decayed

My voice rings no more, solely the echo remains. 

My heart beats no more, just a cadaver’s trophy lies entombed in snow.



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