Ricepaper, ricepaper!

softly sweet

oh so meek

that evanescent scent

you can’t notice it until he’s in your arms



Such a small man

(really, he’s tiny

unflaggingly petite)

hugging him makes you feel

like an elephant trying to hug a mouse



But then he tries to squeeze

And that’s what makes you really smile

Like bonsai tree or petrified forest

there is a deep ancient strength to him

old stories in his veins, knowledge dripping from his brain

words oil-slicked with memories

(the heavy smoke of once unintelligible hopes )



And as waves crash down on you

(all your love for him)

you breathe in all your joy

he kisses your chin

standing on tip-toe



Ricepaper, ricepaper!

This is what friendship smells like.


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